I've been big into zines since high school, but only worked up the guts to make my own lasting year. Taking that leap meant Making A Thing: involving my community in the thing, pulling an all-nighter to finish layout, calling it done even though it was far from perfect, rushing to print and staple fifty copies one hour before I needed to leave for the airport, breaking Staples's stapler, one-day-shipping a long-arm stapler to my hotel so I could keep stapling once in Orlando, setting the zines out on the Wizard Punk table with my buttons and my friends' amazing work, and seeing people buy this little project of mine faster than I could staple backup copies. It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life and changed how I see myself, my work, and the possibilities in my reach.

I'm head over heels for zines now. I have a ton of ideas for zines about community, fandom, niche enthusiasms, immigration, queerness, media, loving things, and so much more. I want to make so many zinesWant to help me do it?

(a zine about snitchwiches)

From the Snitchwiches website:

Q: What are Golden Snitchwiches?

A: They are a magical food designed to fill a void in a wizard's belly. They are made of peanut butter and Golden Grahams and you CATCH IT IN YOUR MOUTH, just like Harry Potter did in his first quidditch match.

GOLDEN is a zine about snitchwiches' impact on the Harry Potter fan community. It includes fan interviews, a personal essay, snitchwich fanfiction, snitchwich snapshots, and more. It made its debut at GeekyCon 2016 as part of the Wizards in Space/Wizard Punk table, where it sold out. Reprintings and updated editions are forthcoming. If you'd like to contribute, shoot me an email!

A print-it-yourself version of GOLDEN's first edition is available for $3-a-month patrons on my Patreon thing.

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