I am presently a Production Assistant at Wirecutter, a New York Times company.



For five years, I worked for the Harry Potter Alliance, a first-of-its-kind nonprofit that uses fan enthusiasm surrounding stories and the messages in those stories to change the world. My work included writing, social media management and strategy, leading a team of rad volunteers, participating in strategy and operations at the senior staff level, and more.

Learn more about the Harry Potter Alliance.


At NerdCon: Nerdfighteria 2017, I presented on music, participated in a panel about Harry Potter and identity, and participated in a panel about making the world a better place. I joined the Potter Puppet Pals for the Harry and the Potters Yule Balls in the winter of 2016 (and later helped 'em out with the Mysterious Ticking Noise 10th anniversary video). At NerdCon: Stories 2016, I led the Zine Making Session and moderated the Storytelling for Good panel. At LeakyCon 2016, I participated in the Harry Potter is My Job and Social Justice Wizardry panel. At GeekyCon 2016, I led Yer a Wizard Punk (a program about DIY in the Harry Potter community), coordinated and participated in Race in the Wizarding World (the first ever GeekyCon panel about navigating fandom and media as people of color), helped lead Engaging in Positive Fandom (a two-hour panel and community roundtable about safety, self-care, and power dynamics in fandom), co-led the Wizard Activist Meetupparticipated in Taking Back Fangirl (a panel about the stigma surrounding women in fandom, coordinated by Melissa Anelli), participated in How to Become a Fan Activist and Save the World in 50 Easy Minutes (a panel of Harry Potter Alliance staff coordinated by Jackson Bird), helped coordinate the Wizards in Space/Wizard Punk table (which featured zines, buttons, a community zine project, and lots of temporary tattoos), and curated the ball playlist.

Olivia Dolphin and I work on coordinating prose and poetry readings at the quarterly Draco and the Malfoys House Shows in Rhode Island.

I spoke on social media and storytelling at the annual Florida Scholastic Press Association District 6 convention in 2013.


I interned for Dear Hank and John (a podcast largely about death and dubious advice hosted by Hank and John Green) from February to September 2016.


I attended Felix Varela Senior High School in Miami, FL - the school that brought you that girl who went viral for flipping off a judge. While there, I poured most of my time and energy into The Viper Vibe, our newspaper. I started as a staff writer in my freshman year, was a section editor the two years after that, and did the whole editor-in-chief thing my senior year.

Through the Viper Vibe, I was part of the Florida Scholastic Press Association, where I competed at the District and State levels.

The summer after my senior year, I participated in the Peace Sullivan/James Ansin High School Workshop in Journalism and New Media at the University of Miami, where I reported on local homeless youth and produced/wrote/edited this short.