Because I can't be chill about a single thing in my life, I get very passionate about making playlists. It's the perfect intersection of my tendency towards sentiment and my obsession with good setlists: I spend a lot of time thinking about topics, which songs should make the cut, and - above all - sequencing. Here are some of my favorites:

fuck privet drive: about living in an abusive home, surviving it, leaving it.

we’re not the same: for when long-gone toxic friendships are still clawing at you and you need some songs with teeth.

(harry taught me how to) stick it to the man: songs by women in wizard rock and/or about women in the wizarding world.

gotta start it with a positive jam: songs for a new year.

friends: songs about - get this - friends

this year: songs about 2015.

staying alive is a good idea: songs that explicitly discuss mental illness and/or suicidal ideation.

sparks: inspiration, motivation.

like a punk but not - a playlist i made for my friend zik; mostly including here bc nobody has ever appreciated the name of this one enough. please appreciate my regina spektor puns.